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  • Dio nobile

Dio nobile



Product Details

Original Painting

"Dio Nobile"

  • Approximately 36" x 54"
  • Acrylic, oil and enamel on unstretched canvas
  • The edges have a hand sewn border.
  • Ships rolled

"I once found my last name in a 'family crest' catalog. I’ve never been able to confirm that it was accurate but I took the description as an inspiration for this piece. 'Severed lions head dripping red… three golden stars…' was all it took for me to start creating this piece. I think it speaks to all families. The love, trials and tribulations small and large families go through are all in this piece. The lion is fierce and protective and does not go without its own scars. Three stripes drip red in connection in the blood line and represents the past and current flow their blood travels. The three stars are badges of honor and for me specifically speak to the siblings in a familia unit. The name speaks to the authoritative figures, the mentors and the teachers. No direct connection to any family but speaks to all."

- Sean

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