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Rarible NFTs & Digital Artwork

Digital Garden

Digital Garden is a set of 71 flower cards + specialties with copies equal to the card number. Starting with 71/71 and working down to 1/71 the garden only grows with new drops and sprouts as cards are purchased and added to personal NFT art collections.

Each Flower Card in the Digital Garden derives from a intuitively hand drawn floral that has been scanned in and digitized. Each one is remixed with animations, video experiments, moving textures and more.

Thank you in advance for your love, likes, patronage & support.

Emperor Reimagined

The very first digital NFT release from Sean Martorana reimagines the Emperor Lion head from an earlier IRL collection. The lion is hand drawn, scanned and remixed with video experiments.

This royal creature is the king to what follows in this new NFT art and design world. A mix of old, new and the elements in between.

Sedition Art

Sedition is an online platform where artists distribute video art in digital format. The artworks are presented as digital limited editions that can be accessed via browsers or dedicated apps using smartphones, computers, tablets or TVs. Members can log in and purchase high-resolution digital stills and videos that are stored in the ‘Vault’. Sedition has apps for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Smart TVs and Allshare devices.

Each work comes with a digital certificate that is “signed, numbered and authenticated by the artist”. Once an edition is sold out, collectors can resell their works in the online marketplace.

Click here to buy Sean's work on the Sedition Art Platform.


Daffodil Sunset 


Daffodil Sunset is a composition utilizing a filmed sunset superimposed over itself. On top are spinning daffodils reacting to the movement of the light and clouds. You could say this piece speaks to continuation of nature. Life to death to life again.

The daffodils were hand drawn, scanned in and edited. They are a part of a larger collection titled, AEON, that focuses on the floral and fauna dedicated to each month.

Each month has it's own main illustration. They are then dissected and it's pieces are then developed into works of art, patterns and treatments all of their own. It's creates a broad language of art and designs that every individual piece speaks to each other through the same lineage back to the main artwork.

It's a collection that is not limited to any medium.




The butterfly’s dance with light.

A five minute visual meditative journey through the dance of light.

A piece utilizing the dance of sunlight shining through trees and vines into the studio of Sean Martorana captured during sunset. Different dances of light are layered on top of each other for an ensemble performance. Hand drawn butterflies overlay the dancing light and morph throughout 27 different patterns that flutter to the movement of steam. Their reflective presence reacts to the movement behind them.

This piece is an exploration in color, movement and light.




Daily Floral Drawings

Sean Martorana is an endless flow of creative output. Daily floral drawings could be done for fun, as a way to experiment or test materials and a way to warm up the mind, body and soul for productive days. Inspired by the realities of nature, each flower is given extreme creative liberty to use the original flower as a reference and allow the final piece a representation of the energy flowing through the artists fists.

These daily drawing sessions are filmed in a time-lapse technique and then collaged over themselves. Over the course of the films 3 minutes these flowers grow to a full garden. Each one unique providing different personalities throughout the piece.

Turned black and white and then inverted also adds an element of mystic to the film. These are a continuation from the original video captures but with these techniques this garden becomes a one of a kind piece in it's own.


Purchase Sean's Digital Artwork:

Sean Martorana on Rarible

Sean Martorana on Sedition Art

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