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Specialty Projects and Collaborative Work

  • EKO - American Bald Eagle

    Posted on October 21 2023

      +  SHOP FULL EKO COLLECTION HERE  +     In the Spring of 2023, with Sarah McAnulty of Skype a Scientist, I designed and painted a large public mural in Philadelphia,...

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  • A Private Mural for the Public

    Posted on August 10 2023

    Date completed:  7.12.23 Location:  E Norris St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 Size:  Approximately 10' x 12' - 120 sq ft Animals included:  American Shad Fish Florals Included:  Cattails and the Yellow Pond Lily Commissioned by: ...

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  • Our Aquatic Neighbors Public Mural

    Posted on August 02 2023

    A 1500+ square foot mural designed to educate the local neighborhood about the floral and fauna that exists around them and flourishes in and around the Delaware River. "All of...

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  • Our Aquatic Neighbors - Video Documentation

    Posted on August 02 2023

    Witness the process of creating the mural and explanatory videos about this incredible project below.   You can also read more about the project and view a gallery of photos...

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  • Pool Tunnel Mural - Society Hill Towers

    Posted on August 01 2023

        Date completed:  5.18.23 Location:  Society Hill Towers, Old City, Philadelphia, PA Size:  Approximately 19' x 8.5' - 330 sq ft Florals:  All florals were inspired by the landscaping around the...

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  • OTTO II Hand-Painted Flourish Mural

    Posted on February 13 2023

      OTTO II Size: 15.5' x 24'w • 372 Sq Ft  Located: OTTO on the ParkBrewerytown - 1501 N 31st St, Philadelphia, PA 19121  • At the end of 2019...

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  • Hand-painted Flourish Risers

    Posted on January 31 2023

      I've always wanted to design artwork that could be placed on the risers of stairs. My thought was always to create tiles that could be applied professionally. Or panels...

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  • Walnut + Maple Wood Inlay Cutting Board

    Posted on January 02 2023

    Wood Inlay: Walnut and Maple Construction: Derek Rollins Photos: Shannon Aragon of Pieces and Pardons

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  • Scribewise 2 - Full Office Flourish Murals

    Posted on January 01 2023

    Date completed: 09.22 Location: Scribewise Headquarter Office Center City Philadelphia South 13th St Size: Collectively Approximately 300 sq ft Florals Included: This is the first Flourish Mural painted with intuitive cascading vines. Flourish...

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  • Water Mural From the Future

    Posted on July 26 2021

      I've known Nick Eubanks for a long time now. Beyond the business side of Nick, I know him best as a fellow artist, a creative visionary and an incredible...

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  • How to Hang Your Large Textile Prints

    Posted on April 29 2021

      "When I started to sell large textile prints, they were large enough that I felt I also needed to offer ways to hang the large works of art.  ...

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  • The Wolf

    Posted on September 28 2020

    When it comes to commissions, I like to get personal. No matter what the job or requested subject is, I will dive deep and explore what the symbols, color, technique are that will best...

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  • The Butterfly's Dance with Light

    Posted on September 14 2020

      The butterfly’s dance with light. Digital Edition of only 30 pieces. A five minute visual meditative journey through the dance of light. "A piece utilizing the dance of sunlight...

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  • Sedition Art + Sean Martorana

    Posted on August 11 2020

      I am really excited to announce that my latest digital work of art is now available for collection as a digital limited edition for the very first time.I’ve been...

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  • Donna Melvin + Sean Martorana

    Posted on August 11 2020

      Artistry and expertise are luxury’s greatest blend.   For the latest collaboration I've been working with Donna Melvin to design and create custom knits.  I've learned so much in...

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  • Lokal Hotel + Sean Martorana

    Posted on August 10 2020

    Following up my past collaboration with Lokal Hotel where I painted the floor of their AFrame, we are together again this time with hand painted mesh hats.  Always working with...

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  • Loyalty Leather + Sean Martorana

    Posted on June 30 2020

    Drops - 07.01.20 - www.loyaltyleather.com   Hand painted perfection and beautiful vegetable tanned leather come together to create gorgeous and intricate one of kind leather goods that demand to be...

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  • OTTO Brewerytown Philadelphia Flourish

    Posted on March 09 2020

    A little process of a very small piece of the 25' x 18' @ottobrewerytown Flourish mural. A white design over a watercolor emerald texture creates a wonderful balance of chaos and control through...

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  • Playing with Patterns While Speaking to the Masters

    Posted on February 24 2020

    As I design patterns I explore ways that they can be used and looked at in different ways to investigate their effect with new eyes. Recently I've been wrapping sculptures...

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  • The relationship between wall art & furnishings...

    Posted on January 20 2020

    building a conversation between furniture and art on your walls.   Great art speaks to the viewer evoking emotion, provoking conversation – yet often rooms are filled with varying elements...

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  • AEON x Sean Martorana

    Posted on November 12 2019

    ​​ While exploring ideas for a new collection, I had a couple of criteria in mind. First, I wanted to create a series with broad appeal, in which anyone viewing...

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  • Embellished Eames Shell Armchair

    Posted on October 08 2019

    I recently painted an iconic Eames Shell Armchair in collaboration with Herman Miller Philadelphia for their ANNUAL MODERN CLASSIC for Design Philadelphia at the Center for Architecture + Design. This chair will be...

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  • Hops Brewerytown - Neighborhood Lounge Part Two

    Posted on April 23 2019

    Hops Brewerytown - Neighborhood Lounge Washroom Mural157.75” x 100” Flourish Hand-Painted Installation201 Sq FtRestaurant - Philadelphia, PAIn Collaboration with Madison Art ConsultingCreative Direction: Apop Design     

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  • Hops Brewerytown - Neighborhood Lounge Part One

    Posted on April 23 2019

    Hops Brewerytown - Neighborhood Lounge858 Sq Ft Mural • Hand-Painted InstallationRestaurant - Philadelphia, PAIn Collaboration with Madison Art ConsultingCreative Direction: Apop Design        Closeups           Process      ...

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  • Scribewise Office Installation and Curation

    Posted on April 22 2019

    Honored to have been asked to install a Flourish treatment in the Scribewise office in Center City Philadelphia. Two pillars adorned with florals utilizing a color that compliments their brand's...

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  • Patterns + Textiles

    Posted on March 11 2019

    View the full S/S 2019 Pattern & Textile Catalog/Portfolio below.You can also view/download PDF's in individual pages and full spreads by clicking those links.    Sean Martorana has recently taken...

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  • Flourish Panels

    Posted on December 11 2018

    Taking the same Flourish mural concept but applying them to panels that can be shipped, treated as a fine art decor decision as if framing wallpaper. Each one is hand-painted...

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  • From the Future Color-changing Commission

    Posted on December 07 2018

        If I am being commissioned for a piece, most of the time there is a reason, purpose or story that is wanted in the piece. When Nick Eubanks...

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  • Visual Art in Culinary and Entertainment Experiences

    Posted on October 28 2018

    I like to add to the entertainment that places in hospitality design provide. It's aiding in an over all experience which effects peoples mood and energy.  Below are a few...

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  • Installing Creative Productivity into Places of Work

    Posted on October 26 2018

    People can spend a large portion of their lives at an office or workspace. That's one reason I do not shy away from working with companies to help create amazing places for...

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  • Private Mural Commission - Sparrows

    Posted on September 24 2018

    I recently finished a mural at a private residence in South Philadelphia. On the staircase in their home they have a landing that looked out to a blank stucco wall...

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  • In the meantime, pay artists what we’re worth.

    Posted on May 07 2018

    If you prefer this article is also published on Medium and Linkedin. I read Why One Woefully Underpaid Philly Actress Exposed Her Income on Tax Day, originally posted on April...

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  • Geometric Philadelphia

    Posted on March 23 2018

    Some of the interior projects I've been working on lately have asked for historic images of Philadelphia. I wanted to give them a more contemporary twist so I've been pairing...

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  • Chaos vs Control Series v01

    Posted on March 11 2018

    The first round of documenting the first of the Chaos vs Control Series.  At war with beauty and grace 75 x 64 • Acrylic, ink, oil and enamel on unstretched...

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  • Animated Posters

    Posted on February 27 2018

    This is a collection of animated posters I have done in the past. A full write up on how these are made and the impact they can have is coming...

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  • Flourish Murals - Part 2

    Posted on February 08 2018

    Since my last post, a lot has happened with my Flourish murals. I usually just post this stuff on my social networks, especially Instagram but I also wanted a collection of...

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  • Demons don't die...

    Posted on February 01 2018

    When I first moved into my STUDiO, about 6 years ago, I attached two large pieces of cardboard to a wall. Something I can tack up canvas's, test paints and pretty much...

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  • Principles for an exceptional creative experience

    Posted on December 03 2017

    Contributions by: Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, Adam Teterus I have been creating works in the fields of fine art, design, marketing and event production for more than 15 years. The past...

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  • Sean Martorana x Philly Love Notes

    Posted on November 13 2017

      Visit Philly Love Notes for more information and follow her Instagram account for more announcements.  From Philly Love Notes: The best part about running Philly Love Notes and making...

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  • Flourish : Murals

    Posted on July 17 2017

    How do you make a space your own?     Figuring out how to give a space a voice that reflects your own sensibilities—one that inspires creativity and frames great...

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  • Scenes from the IHA:ZINE Exhibition

    Posted on June 06 2017

       I always get excited when a bunch of creatives get together to create something that is truly unique and special. It’s incredible how every contribution from both artists and...

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  • ...After the Storm

    Posted on March 29 2017

    I was asked to do a commission for a home by a couple and the first thing they said is that they want to fill a specific space above their couch...

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  • #SignsofSolidarity

    Posted on January 31 2017

    On January 20, 2017 throughout Philadelphia & Atlanta artists and organizers are hanging large banners that display messages of love and inclusivity to stand in opposition to hate. On January 20th,...

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  • Process of the beginning of Dark Matter

    Posted on June 08 2016

    In my many years of curating and producing shows I find that some of the best stuff out there is hidden. They are projects that artists have been picking at...

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  • An Empathetic Creative

    Posted on May 10 2016

    This was originally posted to Instagram on April 10, 2016. I don’t talk about the meaning behind a lot of my artwork, but leave it to Darla Jackson to pull it...

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  • If Mike Didn’t Draw It, It Doesn’t Matter

    Posted on April 21 2016

    Read the full interview on Curate This. This was originally written for and posted on their incredible platform. Be sure to cruise through their website and read in depth look to...

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  • How to Price Your Art / Why Some Art Costs What it Does

    Posted on April 19 2016

       This was originally posted on CurateThisPhilly.com Curate This is an incredible look into the world of artists, creatives and their supporters. Please visit and explore, follow and support the the great...

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  • A Collaboration Between Artist and Model and 4000 miles in between

    Posted on April 13 2016

    I am always ready to collaborate with somebody. While I feel solo projects allow me to express myself in it’s purest form, collaborations bring something else out in me. You...

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