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Flourish : Murals

Posted on July 17 2017

How do you make a space your own?



Figuring out how to give a space a voice that reflects your own sensibilities—one that inspires creativity and frames great memories—can be a costly and daunting task.


"I wanted to focus on and offer something that could be accessible to many people and still be unique and special every time it’s done."


 Sean Martorana painting Flourish Mural

Flourish breathes life into your space with hand-painted murals of florals and foliage. No two murals are the same. Each one is its own statement.


"Organic murals of intertwined natural elements that encourage growth and creativity in any space. Subtle or loud this can adapt to any shape or size of a area. I can see this in homes, studios, restaurants, offices and lounges."


 Flourish Mural by Sean MartoranaFlourish Mural by Sean MartoranaFlourish Mural by Sean Martorana

Flourish Mural by Sean Martorana


Flourish murals are executed quickly to allow minimal interruption to your routine. Once completed, you’re left with an environment that inspires your work, your conversations, your life.


See a couple of recent examples below and contact Sean to schedule your space turning into an environment with Flourish.


Flyclops HQ


Sean Martorana Flyclops Office Mural

"I recently gave the Flyclops kitchen and upgrade with a black pattern over top a dark grey. The painting on the left is Alone With My Thoughts. 54" x 72" Acrylic on stretched canvas."



Residential Loft

"As soon as I saw the pillar in this loft I could immediately see the vines growing from the floor to the ceiling. What was originally a visual obstacle now has purpose to give life to the room. White over top a Muskeg Grey

Ballerina banners are a collaboration between Mike Jackson and myself from a series of 6. Also on the left is a detail of a printed tapestry of my Corvus Massacre painting."


Flourish Mural Pillar by Sean Martorana


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