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Our Aquatic Neighbors - Video Documentation

Posted on August 02 2023

Sean Martorana Filigree

Witness the process of creating the mural and explanatory videos about this incredible project below.


You can also read more about the project and view a gallery of photos taken by Tom Donkin here. 

Sean Martorana Filigree 


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Sean Martorana Filigree 
Date completed:  5.14.23
Size:  Approximately 115' x 13' - 1500 sq ft
Animals included:  The Great Blue Heron, American Water Snake, Dragonfly, Bufflehead Duck, Sturgeon, American Eagle, Shad Fish, Beaver, Freshwater Mussels
Florals Included:  Pickeral Weed, Cattails, Brown Eyed Susan, Scarlet Maple, Yellow Pond Lily


Sean Martorana Filigree


First is an incredible capture by Conrad Benner of Streets Dept where Sarah McAnulty uses the the mural for it's #1 use, to educate about the ecosystem that exists there. The mix of education and art is so intertwined here, this video might be one of the best things I have been involved in. 


@streetsdept Replying to @Conrad Benner ♬ Sweet Sunset - Tollan Kim & dulai


Sean Martorana Filigree


During the course of painting the mural a good friend of ours, Kevin Lee, would stop by and capture a photo or a quick video almost every day. He lives in the neighborhood so he would walk by on his way home from his daily journeys. 

We were too busy getting this done by deadline so we were not taking much documentation for ourselves. So what you see here is an incredible friend helping out where we didn't even know we needed it.

I'm so grateful that this was captured in this way. Enjoy an edited down compilation of his documentation of the, Our Aquatic Neighbors, mural.


Sean Martorana Filigree


Another wonderful piece by Conrad Benner of Streets Dept where Sarah and I explain a little bit about what this mural is all about and how it came to be.

@streetsdept New mural by @Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D and @SeanMartorana ♬ original sound - Conrad Benner

Sean Martorana Filigree

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