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Process of the beginning of Dark Matter

Posted on June 08 2016

In my many years of curating and producing shows I find that some of the best stuff out there is hidden. They are projects that artists have been picking at for a long time but have not fully released it out into the wild. It’s at a stage where there is no end point in sight this is just a creative outlet. But there comes that moment when it’s time to put it out there on display for the rest of the world to experience.

One example is Michael Norcross’ Dark Matter, a series of designs inspired by the weird and wild entries he would find on Wikipedia. When I first discovered this series I knew immediately that this needed to be shared. 

Michael dove deep into the project creating new pieces as well as designing the overall experience that he wanted people to share. Framed limited edition hand pulled screen prints of 10 stories lined the walls while in another section of the gallery, there were posters stapled to a wall 5 layers deep. If you wanted to take one home, you would have to rip it off the wall yourself. The rips and tears made these almost sculptural. Over time the wall would change and become something new with torn paper stuck with staples showing that at one moment in time something existed there.

This show was accompanied by Adam Teterus’ written fictional additions to of these intriguing stories. Because of this collaboration this series has since grown beyond the one exhibition and became a multi-edition printed publication. A newspaper filled with obscure stories laid out in precise design of which you could frame and hang on your wall.

Leading up to the original show I followed Michael around as he created the original Dark Matter posters documenting the design and printing processes. I compiled the many hours of footage and the result is a half hour of a mesmerizing behind the scenes look into a designers process. 

Turn the volume up as I incorporated some of the music that filled the air as Michael created this new world.

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