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Principles for an exceptional creative experience

Posted on December 03 2017

Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana
Contributions by: Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, Adam Teterus

I have been creating works in the fields of fine art, design, marketing and event production for more than 15 years. The past six years have offered me an opportunity to take a lead role in growing the art and design community at Indy Hall—one of the longest running coworking communities in the United States. Often with little-to-no budget, I have designed and produced more than 30 live exhibitions—including the closing reception for Design Philadelphia 2014, a major personal milestone.

Below are several principles I keep in mind when creating an experience.



Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana • Freedom

The optimal creative experience is born from a free and supportive environment.

Inspiration and encouragement should be the only things present in the first stages of a creative thought process. The safety of open doors to think, practice, play and experiment will produce an energy that will travel beyond the creator.
Kelsey Stoler process painting shot by Sean Martorana
Kelsey Stoler painting for her solo show in 2015, LOOK IT’S NOT YOU IT’S EVERYTHING. Shot by Sean Martorana.


Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana • Environment

Great artwork is considerate of its environment. 

Artwork should carry the feeling of belonging where ever it is present. The piece should benefit from its surroundings through contrast or instinct. The piece and its relationship to its venue should enhance one’s experience of the work itself and the space of which it occupies.
Lairs of Self, 2014, designed and produced by Dejha Ti and Sean Martorana for DesignPhiladelphia


Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana • Inclusive

The creative experience is radically inclusive.

All people are entitled to experience creativity, the creative process is owned by both no one and owned by all. Creation and exhibition of artwork should be available to all who seek it, and all who seek it could be equally inspired because of it. In spite of who it is made by or for, access to the work should transcend race, class, gender, sexuality, faith and whatever identities humans can inhabit.   

Michael Norcross' Dark Matter process film shot and edited by Sean Martorana • View full film here.


Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana • Presence

Culmination is presence.

The purpose of artwork is to gather around it. The artwork should invoke ideas and ideas are made to be shared. Whether online in discussion boards, physically around a canvas, conceptually bridging communities, the work is meant for people to connect, share, and surround it. 
Photos of various exhibitions produced by Sean Martorana • All photos taken by Reed Gustow 


Principles of an exceptional creative experience by Sean Martorana • Home

Let the people take it home.

Being able to take the experience home - physically, digitally, emotionally - allows the experience to thrive. Regardless of the medium, seek to create a personal relationship that exists beyond first sight, a creative continuity that exists between the viewer and the work.
Compilation of footage shot by Dejha Ti, Sarah Prasuhn, Cipher Prime and Adriano Martino



These principles have been molded and defined in my time creating in my studio and through constructing large collaborative exhibitions.

I would love to put these principles into action to help you shape your Next Big Thing. You can reach me by emailing the studio here.





Short list of a few exhibitions available to view online. More available upon request.


Lairs of Self, DesignPhiladelphia 2014

DesignPhiladelphia Festival presented Lairs of Self in Everyday Life as the official closing installation held on October 17, 2014, at the Crane Arts Icebox. Designers Sean Martorana and Dejha Ti created an immersive installation, in an imaginative integration of projection mapping, filmed design experiments, and interactive elements. 360-degree video projections wrap onto the colossal walls of the 5,000 square foot Icebox, and appear precisely onto a 12 foot, 1-ton sculpture.



KIN • Zine Show and Interactive Exhibit

Contributions from over 30 creatives added to a diverse collection of thoughts and ideas which provides a visually stunning journey from a Philadelphia community in fine art, illustration, photography, design, poetry, literature and science.



Synesthesia: Music Fashion & Fine Art 2015

Indy Hall Arts is very proud to present the Synesthesia: Music, Fashion & Fine Art. We’ve combined over a dozen artists and designers representing multiple mediums to create a massive experience here at Indy Hall (22 N3RD St.). The first-floor of Indy Hall will be transformed to showcase inspiring installations, fine artwork, and original music, amounting to a live fashion display by MADE Studios. An art gallery and concert like you’ve never experienced before.

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