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The relationship between wall art & furnishings...

Posted on January 20 2020

building a conversation between furniture and art on your walls.


Great art speaks to the viewer evoking emotion, provoking conversation – yet often rooms are filled with varying elements that either blend into themselves or compete for attention. The use of complimentary home fashions, such as luxury cushions, ceramics or rugs can enhance the mood set by wall art. It is also a cost effective way to refresh a room that will have your guests talking!


AEON Decor by Sean Martorana


This emotional connection to art and design is what I hope to achieve through the AEON collection. I set out to design a collection that has an emotional connection to you, as well as a connection among the pieces. I believe that when artwork is hung on the wall it is important for it to speak to the rest of the space, that its experience can come off the wall into tangible and useful decor pieces. The end result making you want to look closer as you notice something deeper at each glance, providing energy to the space and inspiring conversation.


AEON Decor by Sean Martorana


As I began to design the collection, these connections became more clear and I was able to use elements from each of the original month inspired designs to expand onto different mediums giving the collection broader scope. These designs speak to the overall narrative and can adorn walls, textiles, upholstery and furnishings of interiors. I am excited to continue releasing new AEON products throughout the year providing you a comprehensive resource for your home interior needs.    


AEON by Sean Martorana

AEON Decor by Sean Martorana

AEON Decor by Sean Martorana

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