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OTTO II Hand-Painted Flourish Mural

Posted on February 13 2023

Sean Martorana Philadelphia Mural OTTO on the Park Luxury Condo



Size: 15.5' x 24'w • 372 Sq Ft 

Located: OTTO on the Park
Brewerytown - 1501 N 31st St, Philadelphia, PA 19121 

At the end of 2019 I was asked to paint a mural on a large wall in the entryway elevator lobby in a new luxury condo building located a developing neighborhood in Philadelphia. 

At the time, I was just starting to do Flourish murals and this was a wonderful opportunity to really show what it could be at scale. In my mind, a perfect visual experience as you come and go through the building. 


Sean Martorana Interior Mural Floral Textile Hand-Painted


As they started to complete on their phase two of this luxury condo project I got a call to embellish the new building. 

This time, again with a lot of creative freedom, I was asked to do something similar but they did not want to the same exact thing. They wanted this side of the building to have it's own voice. 

We went with a rust color which complimented the green of the first mural and the OTTO branding. It also spoke to the rust and rawness of the history of the factories in the neighborhood. 


 Sean Martorana Floral Mural Hand-Painted Interiors



With watered down paint I used an extremely large paint brush, normally used for staining areas like decks, to pour down the paint starting 15' in the air. Paint stained the wall with incredible texture giving the wall depth and movement.

Copper paint was then splattered overtop the textures. The metallic is an unexpected element that will shine differently as the sun pours into the space through large windows throughout each day. The copper shine will follow you as you move throughout the space.

Then on top of all of this Flourish vines and florals are intuitively painted on as if the plant was growing and taking over the wall. With brush strokes that could be related to dance steps, as the paint flows onto the wall, I'm set back into a meditative state not stopping until the wall was complete.

As a final touch and an additional layer, blue metallic details were painted along the vines giving the wall a little bit more defined unique voice.




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Sean Martorana Hand-Painted Floral Interior Mural

 I consider all of these Flourish murals connected. As if an imaginary root system beneath the surface connects them all as they all speak to each other. 

This opportunity to have two murals facing each other is truly incredible and further proves how they are all linked.

Each mural unique with a low entry point. 
As you can see here they can have an endless color combination options and there is no size or shape of space it can't take over.

Contact the STUDiO for more information on Flourish Murals.

Don't wait to have your very own piece of this collective series great for homes, hotels and hospitality. 


Sean Martorana Flourish Mural Interior Textile Pattern


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