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Scenes from the IHA:ZINE Exhibition

Posted on June 06 2017

IHA:ZINE Sean Martorana


I always get excited when a bunch of creatives get together to create something that is truly unique and special. It’s incredible how every contribution from both artists and those that come in contact with it has an effect on the experience. That’s what the first Indy Hall Arts publication does.  


Contributions from over 30 creatives added to a diverse collection of thoughts and ideas which provides a visually stunning journey from a Philadelphia community in fine art, illustration, photography, design, poetry, literature and science.


IHA:ZINE Sean Martorana

With the release of our first publication, I was excited to see how everybody interacts with the installation that we put together utilizing the same artwork as the zine. This allows for more people to create their own impact. 

While at the release party, Indy Hall invited the greater community to interact with an over 500 sq ft installation by drawing over top the pages to add to an even more diverse conversation.

Take a look at the imagery below for a glimpse into what the installation and experience looked like. If still available order your IHA:ZINE here.

IHA:ZINE Show by Sean MartoranaIHA:ZINE Show by Sean MartoranaIHA:ZINE Show by Sean MartoranaIHA:ZINE Show by Sean MartoranaIHA:ZINE Show by Sean Martorana

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