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Sedition Art + Sean Martorana

Posted on August 11 2020


I am really excited to announce that my latest digital work of art is now available for collection as a digital limited edition for the very first time.

I’ve been doing digital art for years.
But never really had a place to put the work.

That is until now as I was recently accepted to the Sedition Art platform and couldn’t be more excited. 

This is the first of many.
Coming soon: A 6 minute colorful visual meditation. 

✭ ✭ ✭ If you are interested in being put on an exclusive list to be first notified for private viewings as I release my next couple of pieces please send me your email and let me know! 

For now, enjoy Daffodil Sunset.

"Daffodil Sunset is a composition utilizing a filmed sunset superimposed over itself. On top are spinning daffodils reacting to the movement of the light and clouds. You could say this piece speaks to continuation of nature. Life to death to life again.

The daffodils were hand drawn, scanned in and edited. They are a part of a larger collection titled, AEON, that focuses on the floral and fauna dedicated to each month.

Each month has it's own main illustration. They are then dissected and it's pieces are then developed into works of art, patterns and treatments all of their own. It's creates a broad language of art and designs that every individual piece speaks to each other through the same lineage back to the main artwork.

It's a collection that is not limited to any medium." 

- Sean Martorana

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