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Our Aquatic Neighbors Public Mural

Posted on August 02 2023

A 1500+ square foot mural designed to educate the local neighborhood about the floral and fauna that exists around them and flourishes in and around the Delaware River.

"All of the animals in this mural live in and along the Delaware River within tour neighborhood! Some of them, like the Bufflehead ducks, can be seen almost every day at Penn Treaty Park. Others, like the sturgeon, are a bit more rare. As you walk along this mural, take a moment to explore the wildlife living here."

- Description written on the wall by Sarah McAnulty of Skype a Scientist

Skype a Scientist + Sean Martorana Fishtown, Philadelphia Public Mural


From Sarah McAnulty on the Skype a Scientists Patreon Page:

"...over 30 people came together to make a 1500 square foot mural in Philadelphia all about the Delaware River Ecosystem! We're calling it "Our Aquatic Neighbors". The goal of this project is to educate Fishtown neighbors about the plants and animals that we share our neighborhood with."
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Sean Martorana Filigree 


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Sean Martorana Filigree 
Date completed:  5.14.23
Size:  Approximately 115' x 13' - 1500 sq ft
Animals included:  The Great Blue Heron, American Water Snake, Dragonfly, Bufflehead Duck, Sturgeon, American Eagle, Shad Fish, Beaver, Freshwater Mussels
Florals Included:  Pickeral Weed, Cattails, Brown Eyed Susan, Scarlet Maple, Yellow Pond Lily




Our Aquatic Neighbors Mural x Skype a Scientist and Sean Martorana
I'm so honored to be a part of this project.
This was a full rehab of an entire 115' long, 100+ year old wall. When Sarah McAnulty of Skype a Scientist brought the idea of painting this wall to me I knew it was going to a tough one to get done. The surface was covered in dirt, grime,  layers paint and pastes by street artists and a ridiculous amount of paint from the city to cover it all up.
The amount of effort that was put into preparing this space is incredible.
Over 50 hours of volunteer work included digging dirt, chopping down thick weeds and brush, power-washing and much much more. Not only did they clean up refurbish the front, sides and top of the wall, they also washed the side walk and built flowers beds around the trees that were already planted there.
This expanded the experience you get from the mural to receiving the feeling of the community and care all around you.
I'm so thankful for everybody involved. 

Community Volunteers:

Corey Danks, Michael Graves, Charlie Huemmler, Ian Heller, Deb Horng, Jen Gow, Mike Van Dorn, Jon Geeting, Eva Piatek, Kaitlin Shenk, Jared Polin, Kent Tallman, Beannie Feighan Drach, Tom Donkin, Kevin Lee
This mural is birthed through the idea of educating the neighborhood on the ecosystem that exists in their environment.
Part of the educational component of this project was also to bring in young creatives to have a part in a large public art project. Through Skype a Scientist we worked with the students from the Kensington Creative and Performing Arts high school which included a field trip to the Freshwater Mussel Hatchery at the Fairmount Waterworks. The students then assisted in everything from choosing the flora and fauna that was going into the mural, priming the wall, getting messy with the textured background to the fine details in the end.
A truly amazing experience working with these kind, driven and extremely creative group of people.


Designer and Lead Artist: Sean Martorana
Sarah McAnulty, Nathan Williams-Rivera, Ronnie Tucker, Emelin Tomax-Cinto, Andrew Sweeney, Camila Rosario Cana, Chace Richburg, Josean Ramirez, Saniah Phillips, Sophia Muniz, Jerelyn Morillo-Delacruz, Charlie Moore, Nayelis Laracuente, Jasir Jones, New Garcia, Noah Eisenhart, Liliana Diaz-Vasquez, Julio Cesar Da Silva, Alianna Chevres-Melo, Kaylin Bueno-Bernabel, Siany Brown, Arthur Araujo Da Silva, Ellwood Erb

Students from KCAPA Painting the Wall

The Great Blue Heron

w/ Freshwater Mussels, Brown Eyed Susans, Pickeral Weed and Cattails

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American Water Snake

w/ Scarlet Maple and Brown Eyed Susan

Dragonfly & Bufflehead Ducks

w/ Freshwater Mussels, Brown Eyed Susans and Cattails


w/ Freshwater Mussels, Pickeral Weed, Brown Eyed Susan and Scarlet Maple

American Eagle

w/ Freshwater Mussel, Pickeral Weed, Scarlet Maple, Brown Eyed Susan and Cattails

Shad Fish

w/ Brown Eyed Susans


w/ Yellow Pond Lily

Sean Martorana with Sarah McAnulty

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