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Demons don't die...

Posted on February 01 2018

When I first moved into my STUDiO, about 6 years ago, I attached two large pieces of cardboard to a wall. Something I can tack up canvas's, test paints and pretty much do whatever I want to without damaging the existing wall. Hundreds of pieces over the years have been created on this wall. You can see me preparing a painting here and playing with different Flourish treatments on it here, here and here

Recently after painting the gold Flourish treatments, I needed to get some things out of my head. Instead of setting up a canvas or preparing a surface I just went at it directly on the cardboard. It might be one of the truest pieces I have done to date. But this has now been painted over to make way for new projects. This picture here is all that's left of it. 

It's one of those moments when I wish a wall wasn't a wall. But at the same time, some art just isn't meant to last. Either way, it was an amazing therapy and meditation moment for me. One that has created a new approach and process that will be applied to future work.

Demons don't die by Sean Martorana

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