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Water Mural From the Future

Posted on July 26 2021

Sean Martorana Office Mural Water Metallic Painting for Nick Eubanks and From the Future Sean Martorana Office Mural Water Metallic Painting for Nick Eubanks and From the Future

I've known Nick Eubanks for a long time now.

Beyond the business side of Nick, I know him best as a fellow artist, a creative visionary and an incredible curator.

So when he asked if I wanted to paint something in his new office for From the Future, I knew I wasn't just going to paint a mural, I was going to be a part of a space filled with tightly curated artwork and a creative atmosphere.

After going back and forth discussing what the mural would be and different locations in the office, I presented a water pattern I was working on and he immediately said he wanted that but not in the place I proposed. He said he wanted it floating in the air in the center of the space.

Knowing he would be open for experimentation I wanted to play with some metallic paint that would interact with the sun and the light of the space.

Blue and purple metallic paint was watered down and dripped over the wall to give texture. Since it's not evenly applied, the metallic sheen shines in different ways when light reaches it. 

Then a non-reflective black paint is tightly painted with precision in a pattern that resembles the ripples in a body of water. 

With the metallic and the non-reflective paint within one piece, the mural will never look the same from any angle or time of day as the sun pours into the space. 

Honored to be in this space filled with incredible art by incredible artists. 

Contact the STUDiO for interest in commissioning a mural here.

Check out a montage of process in the video below.  




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