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The Wolf

Posted on September 28 2020

When it comes to commissions, I like to get personal.

No matter what the job or requested subject is, I will dive deep and explore what the symbols, color, technique are that will best tell that story.

I will look into the surrounding area and use elements and symbols to help drive the story of the piece. I will investigate their history and what makes this particular piece special for the patron.

For this particular piece, I got to know and become closer to the person commissioning the piece. 

Sean Martorana Wolf Drawing  

It started with a story about the wolf.

Why this animal was a positive symbol to his life. 

I discovered this was based around his ability to figure out problems.
Clean things up quickly.
Get things done.

For that I knew the wolf had to be moving.
It’s gaze had to be aware of something that was near.
Focused on a point.

The sun, eagles wing and water lily all are different representations for the summer month of which he was born.

The turtle, a childhood memory of security.

Collecting each little piece of information and playing each one off of the other, the artwork begins to take shape on its own. It's as if the piece was already created, I was just bringing it into existence.


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Sean Martorana Wolf Drawing

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