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From the Future Color-changing Commission

Posted on December 07 2018



If I am being commissioned for a piece, most of the time there is a reason, purpose or story that is wanted in the piece. When Nick Eubanks of From the Future requested something for their new office space there was a prompt of wanting something space speaking to their name sake. 

Now I don't really do "space-like" imagery but on the other side of my paint drips and raw fine art, there is a geometric side of which I manipulate shapes to create illusions of movement, life and patterns. Inspired off of their logo, designed by James Viola, I created lines as if this triangle icon was emitting energy.

I didn't want the to stop at just the lines. Since all of the production of this was very analog and From the Future is a tech company I want to include some sort of interactivity like you would with a screen. With some research I found some color changing spray paint, like the kind you would use for automobiles, that came to a close match to their brands color palette. As you walk by it the colors change from green, to blue to purple. 

It is always an honor to create pieces specifically for their homes. With projects like this, it's a pleasure to have the freedom to experiment with new mediums that end up producing an unexpected results. 

I did my best to document this process including "building" a "spray booth" in my STUDiO to collect the spray dust. I am still cleaning up after this project. But it was so worth it.

Thank you Nick and From the Future for this opportunity.


Sean Martorana From the Future Agency Commission Painting Painting for Office

48" x 48"

Mixed Media on Wood

Color changing spray paint over a white pearl

Commission: From the Future


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