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Flourish Murals - Part 2

Posted on February 08 2018

Since my last post, a lot has happened with my Flourish murals. I usually just post this stuff on my social networks, especially Instagram but I also wanted a collection of this work somewhere here on my website. So scroll down for an update of Flourish paintings, videos, and renderings.

And please if you are interested in a Flourish installation of your own, contact me anytime.

Recent interior mural for a bedroom in a residence on Rittenhouse, Philadelphia. 


Process video of painting the floor in the boutique Lokal Hotel


Closeup process of the flow of painting patterns.


Flyer for a Drink and Draw with AIGA Philadelphia. Painted on the reverse side of rice paper.


Rendering of a Flourish Mural by Sean Martorana. Color Options and kitchen application.

Rendering of a Flourish Mural. Color Options and kitchen application. Original photo from Behr paint.


Flourish by Sean MartoranaFlourish by Sean Martorana

Two Renderings of Flourish murals for the Hagert Lofts development project in Philadelphia.


In the STUDiO paintings gold on white. 


Evil Genius Mural Rendering by Sean Martorana

Rendering for an outdoor mural for Evil Genius Brewery in Philadelphia.


Flourish by Sean Martorana

Rendering for a interior mural for a Philly Home Girls project.


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