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The Art & Design of Sean Martorana

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Portrait of Sean MartoranaSean Martorana’s artwork and designs transform familiar subjects into conceptual representations, coursing with the energy and emotion that lies beneath the surface of everything he sees. By deconstructing the physical existence of figures, florals, and fauna, he reveals the power and spirit that connects all things and beings.

With a base in drawing, painting and design, the possible applications of Sean’s work are myriad, as he continually experiments with new subjects and mediums in his bold, iconic style. Sean’s work graces two-dimensional surfaces, hand-painted murals, fashion collaborations, large-scale multi-media installations and interior surface designs with his textile collections. His work has been shown in galleries, restaurants, hotels, on the street and in homes.


What motivates Sean to keep moving forward is knowing the powerful effect that art and design can have on people. He continues to spread his artistic energy through personal pieces, commissions, and collaborations with artists in various creative fields.

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