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If Mike Didn’t Draw It, It Doesn’t Matter

Posted on April 21 2016

Read the full interview on Curate This. This was originally written for and posted on their incredible platform. Be sure to cruise through their website and read in depth look to the lives of creatives.

Mike Jackson interview with Sean Martorana for Curate This Art


I met Mike Jackson back in 2011 when he started to hang out and draw at Indy Hall. We were the only artist/illustrators there at the time that were actively creating and drawing.

In April of 2013 I produced his solo show, Fast, for a Catcher, where he filled the entire gallery with artwork and stories surrounding his love of baseball. Since then, Mike and I have produced art shows, collaborated on pieces, painted giant murals ,and have encouraged each other to continue to live our lives as creators.

As my drawing mentor, he is constantly encouraging me to settle for nothing but my best. Mike wants everybody to be at their best so he can share the incredible things that people are capable of.

This is why I chose to interview my friend, teacher and collaborator to find out where this incredible execution of colors and lines came from and the stories he is telling with them.

-Sean Martorana, curator


Read the full interview here on Curate This



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