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Scribewise Office Installation and Curation

Posted on April 22 2019

Honored to have been asked to install a Flourish treatment in the Scribewise office in Center City Philadelphia. Two pillars adorned with florals utilizing a color that compliments their brand's identity system. In this space it was important to balance the hardness of the concrete floors and ceilings with imagery that symbolizes natural flow and life. 

Along with the hand-painted installation, I hung a print of a vintage photograph of City Hall that I mixed with bold geometric lines and a bright inspiring color in their phone room and a large Mike Jackson tapestry in their main meeting area.

Check out a few photos and more information below.

If you are interested in curating your space please feel free to contact my STUDiO at any time. 


Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana at Scribewise office in Philadelphia

Main office and workspace at Scribewise. 90 sq ft hand-painted Flourish Installation


Sean Martorana Mike Jackson Tapestry Print Scribewise Office Philadelphia

104" x 88" Tapestry Print. Illustration by Mike Jackson. Installing using upholstery tacks.


Sean Martorana City Hall Print Philadelphia, PA Geometric

36" x 48" Framed and Signed Altered Vintage Photograph - Print and Framed by Madison Art Consulting


Sean Martorana painting and installing a Flourish Mural in Scribewise Philadelphia, PA

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