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An Empathetic Creative

Posted on May 10 2016

This was originally posted to Instagram on April 10, 2016.

I don’t talk about the meaning behind a lot of my artwork, but leave it to Darla Jackson to pull it out of me for her #sadbunnygiveaway

It’s no secret that I put my emotions into my work. It’s not always just my personal emotions though. I absorb the emotions of others. Mostly the hate, sadness, and pain that others deal with. It tears me up, rips a part my insides, and takes the similar emotions that I am going through and amplifies them. 

This is something I have always tried to fix but in the end I have accepted that it’s a part of me. Instead of fighting the voices inside my head, I embrace, listen, and then destroy them through therapy in art and creativity.

Demons scream out the emotions I collect in the darkest side of my mind. Soaked in the energy and emotions of others, without an outlet of creativity, I’d go insane. 
A hopeless romantic on the edge of insanity and destruction, my sadness from struggle and the loss of love, pour through my veins and exit through my fists in the form of fine art, design, and experiential installations. 

I try to live an inspired life of creativity for the good. I make sacrifices to be who I want to be and live life as I want to. I fight the obstacles, like a war within my mind. 
I must always push forward, always continue up and through. 

I protect myself from mental injury and insult.

I use passion as fuel to burn the fire inside, and the need to be just who you are and not what others want you to be as a driving force. 

Be like no other.
Be better than your hero.
Be positive with your outcomes.

Treat others as you want the one you love to be treated.

When feeling locked and trapped, be strong and push through.
You are a result of your own actions.


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