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Flourish Panels

Posted on December 11 2018

Taking the same Flourish mural concept but applying them to panels that can be shipped, treated as a fine art decor decision as if framing wallpaper.

Each one is hand-painted in a different pattern using metallic paint in 4 different color and 3 different sizes.

If you are interested in purchasing a Flourish panel of your own head over here to select your colors and sizes.

View the making of a panel as well as some pics of finished pieces below.

For custom sizes and color contact the STUDiO here.




Sean Martorana Flourish Panel Painting 

Flourish Panel Painting by Sean Martorana

Flourish Panel Paintings Sean Martorana

Sean Martorana Flourish Panel Painting

Sean Martorana Flourish Panel Painting

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