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  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper
  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper
  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper
  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper
  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper
  • Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper

Ambrosia Tile Pattern Wallpaper


Wallpaper Type
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Product Details

Ambrosia Tile - Medium Wallpaper Print

Full hanging instructions are supplied with your wallpaper.

Scroll down to read details about each of the different paper types. 


  • Roll width: 24.4"
  • Handmade to order
  • Eco-friendly
  • Matte wallpaper
  • Easy and quick to hang




Handmade to order, your wallpaper is a unique wall covering product that you won't find anywhere else. The standard option is strong and durable with a beautiful textured matte finish. The luxurious premium option has the same strength and durability, with a similar finish, while being 100% opaque. It is also pre-coated with adhesive. The wall simply needs to be sprayed and the wallpaper positioned. There is no need for wallpaper paste. All papers have a stunning permanent print, with the premium option offering super-sharp print quality.



There are multiple printed wallpaper options to choose from; standard, self-adhesive, and premium. They are all high quality, beautiful wallpapers, but offer slightly different attributes.



Thick paper that has a beautiful textured matte finish. This durable paper has very good print qualities and offers a permanent print. The wallpaper has a 10-year guarantee for colorfastness, when the paper is kept in an optimal position, i.e. away from direct sunlight. It is strong and holds up well to scratches and abrasions. This makes it an ideal wallpaper to use in high-traffic areas. As sustainability is one of our main objectives, your paper is eco-friendly and we use no solvents and only water-based inks. If you are planning on hanging your paper on a dark wall, we recommend using lining paper before applying your wallpaper.



Opt for the premium wallpaper, if you are looking for a 100% opaque option. This stunning paper is water-activated and pre-coated with adhesive. All you need to do to hang it is spray the wall and position your paper - there is no need to add paste. With a matte finish and a gorgeous lightly textured handle, this paper offers a vibrant, permanent print in the highest quality, with super sharp print detail. The non-fade print is guaranteed for 10 years. It also offers the same benefits as the standard in regards to its finish; tough, durable, and scratch-resistant. The certified ECO-print is odor-free and the water-based inks offer a sustainable alternative to mass-manufactured wallpapers.



If you're looking for no-hassle hanging, self-adhesive is the one for you. Just peel the paper backing and stick onto the wall - it's that easy. Matte and textured, this wallpaper can be removed and mounted to any surface countless times. It's quick-drying and water-resistant, and totally opaque.



  • Surface wipe only.
  • Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

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