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AEON x Sean Martorana : Exploring Nature's Imperfect Beauty


Welcome to the exclusive page for Sean Martorana's new textile catalog for his new collection, AEON that explores the imperfections of nature with bold and beautiful artwork and designs. 

Each month's headlining artwork is dissected to create complimentary patterns for textile use. In this catalog you will see patterns and renderings of how they can be applied. To learn more about AEON please visit this page and explore the website for current products available. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the STUDiO to learn more about how these designs can be customized in size, color and sometimes pattern to fit your projects needs. Whether it's wallpaper, fabric or a specific product this is designed to be flexible for your use.


"While exploring ideas for a new collection, I had a couple of criteria in mind. First, I wanted to create a series with broad appeal, in which anyone viewing the collection could directly relate to at least one of the images. Whether it be the color, symbolism or theme, I really wanted the art to transcend boundaries.

The other criteria was to create a series that had a broad but well thought out visual language. Something that rides the overlapping lines of art + design - that at its highest level, can be taken apart, dissected and used to create art across a variety of mediums, objects, products and spaces.

Exploring nature’s imperfect beauty has always been a strong theme in my work. I can remember as far back as a child looking through my grandmother’s watercolor illustrated nature guidebooks that she had perched on her windowsills. Nature is filled with imagery that can stimulate the senses. It can be sexy, bold and beautiful. It’s something we connect to on a very deep, even evolutionary level.

This series speaks to the intertwining of art, design and nature. It’s a series that can spark conversation and serve as a reinforcement of the beauty to be found in the imperfections in life and nature.

Collectively this series and its accompanying collections are named AEON.
An appreciation and gratitude for the natural world that surround us."

- Sean Martorana

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