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An important message from the STUDiO of Sean Martorana

This message is to make it perfectly clear where I stand with what is going on in the world right now.

Let me start it off with a sentence that does just that.


Black lives matter.

During the week of June 1 - 7, I decided to go dark on social media including my monthly emailer that is set to go out at the beginning of each month.


Why did I decide to do that?

  • It was a moment where I needed to step aside and not flood peoples feeds. If I posted something, that means somebody else could miss some very important information coming from trusted resources.
  • By following these trusted resources and not spending time on my next “post” I was able to sign petitions, have meaningful conversations with my family and friends on race in American and around the world and listen to the voices who experience discrimination each and every day.
  • I needed to witness and see the truth of what was happening on the ground, through live streams and attending marches. 

This country is a very big ship with its wheel locked in one direction to serve one kind of person, and devalues the very lives of people that have a different skin color. This chain needs to be broken.

I will continue to stand behind the voices of the oppressed, to stand next to them as my brothers and sisters in this fight for change.

It is bizarre to me that people would rather live with hate in their heart than lead with love. Which one are you?

With love, compassion and empathy for those that are marginalized and hurting,


Sean Martorana


Sean Martorana




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