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Press Kit for Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

Hand-painted murals of florals and foliage that breathe life into any space.

How do you make a space your own?

Figuring out how to give a space a voice that reflects your own sensibilities—one that inspires creativity and frames great memories—can be a costly and daunting task.

Flourish breathes life into your space with hand-painted murals of florals and foliage. No two murals are the same. Each one is its own statement.

Flourish murals are executed quickly to allow minimal interruption to your routine.
Once completed, you’re left with an environment that inspires your work, your conversations, your life.

Turn your space into an environment with Flourish.


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Below are individual files for you to download and embed. Feel free to save directly from this page or click the links for original files to download.

Flourish Logos

Flourish by Sean Martorana

Flourish Logo in Black

Flourish Mural in White

Flourish Mural Vector Logo

Logos for Sean Martorana


Introductory Flourish Video Download

Introductory Flourish Video Embed

Flourish Title Screen 


Loft in Old City Philadelphia

Flourish Pillar Mural by Sean Martorana

Loft Pillar in Old City Philadelphia



Flyclops Office Kitchen

Flyclops Office Video Embed

Flyclops Office Video Download

Flourish Mural by Sean Martorana

Flyclops Mural Gif


Black and Gold

Black and Gold Video Embed

Black and Gold Video Download

Flourish Mural by Sean Martorana

Black and Gold Gif Download

Color Option Renderings

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

Flourish Colors Gif Small

Flourish Colors Gif Large

Flourish Mural by Sean Martorana

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana


Sean Martorana Portrait and Statement

Flourish Murals by Sean Martorana

I live to create. My artwork reveals the energy that lies beneath the surface of my subjects, and shows how that energy connects all things and beings. In my work, I deconstruct the human and animal form, elements of nature, machines, and physical existence. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the human figure, animal bodies, varied flora, geometric shapes, weapons, and warriors, my work transforms familiar subjects into conceptual representations, coursing with the energy and emotion that I believe are living beneath the  surface of everything I see. To take this endeavor a step further, my work exists in numerous media and applications.

I explore my distinct style on two dimensional surfaces as well as with jewelry and clothing designs, etched wine glasses, large-scale multi-media installations, and experience design. The possible applications of my work are undefined due to my desire to experiment endlessly with new subjects and media in a distinct style.

- Sean Martorana

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