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I want to talk about Adam Teterus...

Posted on October 18 2015


Photo taken May 1, 2015 during the Dark Matter Opening reception at Indy Hall.


I want to talk about Adam Teterus, (@adjoterus) pictured on the right, standing beside @MichaelNorcross. For most of the 15+ shows I've produced for @IndyHall_Arts, Adam has been my other half. Aside from production power, Adam often lends his voice, incorporating his brilliant musings into the show. He's one of the most talented writers I know - he willingly opens his heart to the audience time and again. In April of 2014 for Take What You Need, he wrote several short stories and invited five artists to interpret them as they saw fit. Needless to say, the show was an amazing collaboration of the written and visual arts.

Together, Adam and I have produced art shows, concerts, fashion shows, and even collaborated artistically on a massive art installation called #LairsofSelf, the closing exhibition for @designphilly 2014. 

This time, he lent his imagination to Michael Norcross's illustrations in #DarkMatter. Michael drew from Wikipedia entries of oddities such as Myodesopsia, Sailing Stones, and Centralia, Pennsylvania. Adam invented dubious records to go with each of the factual articles, helping transport the audience to these bizarre events.

I'll let them explain it in more detail below.  

Lot of folks asking me about #DarkMatter, so here's your primer: think a high design take on Weekly World News. Our content is all inspired by examining bizarre, (mostly) natural, (mostly) Earthly phenomena. @michaelnorcross provides handsome, original illustrations, I write provocative, original narratives for each piece. Some of it is fact, some of it is not, but what's most important to know is all of it is true. Our work is mostly serving the Beekeeper. Lots of mystery. Lots of weird. More than several allusions to Satan. Published by the seriously enigmatic Beekeeper. I don't want to talk more about that, not that I even could if I did want to. Issue 1 and 2 are out now. You can buy them with money if you ask me nicely. Issue 3 coming soon. Now you know, and you can never not know. If you choose to register any of this, remember that Dark Matter has designs on you. Strange schemes no longer in my control. Good luck with this information. ?

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